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Change the Conversation

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

“We need to put Mom in a home.” “This is the beginning of the end.” “I don’t think I can take care of them.” “I am not leaving my house.” “If I move to assisted living, they will forget me.” “I’m just going there to die.”

Both older adults and caregivers commonly make statements like these. This sets up the transition to senior living as a depressing, stressful process. But does it really need to be?

There are many ways to plan for the future and that is the key- PLAN! Change your mindset when it comes to senior living. It can absolutely be a positive experience. Plan financially, plan with the family. As an older adult looking to the future, take an active role in what you want. Don’t settle for moving to the local “home” because that is what you are supposed to do.

Ageism is stereotyping or discrimination based on age. Family can assume you can’t live alone because you are “old” or you can’t take care of yourself. When you voice your wants and desires early, the transition to senior living will be a positive experience.

This is not the final chapter but the next chapter.

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